Thursday, March 26, 2015

spring break part 3

we hung out a lot at the house.  the kids had a play date in there one day.  gabriela had a friend over and andre headed over to a buddys' house.  we played outside a whole bunch.  we had s'mores a ton.  random movie nights.  stayed up late, slept in late.  

we are thankful for the time.  

 he's an incredibly hard worker.  and very purposeful with his work.  he takes calls late into the evening for people that need his help.  he's hopping on the computer to check things out at any time he needs.  so i really appreciate him when he's able unplug like this.  i like vacation phillippe.  no schedule to keep.  no place to be but home.  i get spoiled, though.  and i don't accept it very well when the work grind starts calling his name.  i'm selfish like that.

 we have neighborhood kids now.  and they especially like hanging out at our house.  we get their energy out on the hoops, load them up with sugary s'mores and send 'em home.  they keep coming back so i guess their parents don't mind.  they are super sweet boys that get along so well with all of us.  we like that.

 phillippe's brother came into town from colorado for a few days.  it's so nice when he's around.

 we had big plans to get the tents set up in the living room and go camping one night.  musty smelling camping gear isn't pleasant at all.  so we scratched the tents and did a floor sleep out instead.  those are always so worth it for the kids.  they love doing that.

 she fell while running in her flip flops and was out of commission for TWO DAYS.  it was all drama all the time.  i'm trying to toughen her up.  although, i was a weeny for several (25) years of my life. may just be biting me in the rear.  however, i am tough now.  so i'm not sure if i'm gonna take the sissy stuff for long.

love you, bells.

 my nephew turned two somewhere in there, as well.  and this one special moment that he actually gave me the time of day was frozen in time.

 real life duties don't take spring break.  boo.

 i'm not sure i did one bit of house work during the week.  phillippe did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen nearly every day.  and i just let him.  dishes are my least favorite chore.

so there ya have it.  our spring break in a nut shell.  i feel like i didn't take enough pictures.  of the little things, i mean.  but it was one of those things where we just rolled from one thing to the next.

aren't times like that the best?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

spring break part 2

the kids have begged us for over a year to take them to sky zone.  we've promised for about that long, and have never followed through.  so we surprised them on thursday morning with the news that their dreams were about to come true.  

gabriela has been there several times for birthday parties, but it was a first for everyone else.  totally worth the surprise.  oh my goodness, they were so excited!  they had the best time.  

 elsa was there.  not sure why, but cute nonetheless.

 this was the only time i actually jumped off the trampoline.  i just stood there and did an up and down motion so they wouldn't kick me off.

oh my goodness.  having 3 kids and age and gravity does not really mesh with trampolines.  can i just say that?...

 gabriela ended up landing wrong on her knee the last 5 minutes we were there.  she's still having some issues with that.  we think she just landed with her leg too straight...but can't be totally sure.  poor thing.  she's tough.  glad it happened at the end of our time cuz it really stunk.

after that we went to this new dinner movie theatre.  it was super super cool.  we watched cinderella and ate lots of food and had a really great relaxing time.  it was the highlight for everyone over break.  phillippe and i included.  some days everything just lines up.  and this was our day for that.  we'll be going back to both places for sure.

spring break part 1

last week was spring break for the kiddos.  phillippe decided a while ago to take the entire week off, too.  we had planned to take a few small get aways with the kids, but ended up staying put.  we did a few things we don't get to normally do.

we had a wonderfully, fantastic break.

we came to monday and didn't want our normal routines to start up again.  but we were very refreshed and full and joyful from our time together.  and all of that makes starting back to normal much easier.  :)

the kiddos had conferences the week before spring break.  so they got out early both tuesday and thursday and then had no school on friday.  so they had a longer break than most.

 phillippe found a heck of a deal for this basketball hoop.  which i told him not to get because, hello, no one will play basket ball.

everyone plays basketball.  all of the time.  and neighborhood kids flock there whenever the moment hits.  it's pretty much the most awesome thing we've ever purchased.

i'm sure glad i talked him into buying one....

 frozen yogurt.

 you can see by my form and everything that i'm a pretty good sports player.
(i truly can play no sports)

 we go from one season of bringing sand and snow into the house to bringing dirt and dirt into the house.  i'll take it, but it's hard to keep up with.
in a good way, of course.

we really lucked out with the weather we got over their break.  it was gorgeous out 90% of the time.  windy, but really nice. we took full advantage.  only coming inside to sleep, eat, and know.

 we surprised the kids with a trip to the omaha zoo on monday.  it was the best day of weather we had.  87 was the high.  the zoo was BUSY.  but such a good day trip.  we packed a lunch to eat there, walked all over and earned our sleep that night.

i'm a sucker for a good day trip.

that darn gift shop.  right on your way out.  i think they have a gas they release as you walk past it that forces you to buy things against your will. 

ice cream before supper is okay when you are on spring break. 

and when we are in omaha we always stop here.  best chips ever.

we pulled out all the stops to keep isabela away on that 2 hour drive home.  distraction is key.

it was a really good day.