Tuesday, April 21, 2015

just a little of our everyday life

 when i tell people that isabela is a special kind of diva, they smile and say something sweet.  but i'm really not kidding.  she is a full blooded, been that way since birth, diva.

 gabriela got a balloon from a birthday party that she went to.  she taped a note to it and let it go.  i wonder where it ended up.....

 i'm sad to say that i got no pictures of my kiddos in their easter clothes.  none of them with their easter baskets.  none of them hunting for them.  none.  it was not the smoothest of days for our kiddos and the grumps.  we had phillippes family over for dinner that night and did a hunt with the kiddos.  my family was out of town that weekend.  it was a good day...but all in all kind of a weird day.  didn't feel quite the same as it usually does.

 but phillippe and our nephew matched, so that was adorable.

 this pile has doubled in size.  these are clothes that are too small for my kids right now.
gah.  stop growing!!!

 flip flop weather comes and goes.  but i like when it comes.

 the kids like to go with us to get firewood.  we go through a lot of fire wood.  now that s'more season has started....

 isabela has had like 2 trims in her life.  but she recently decided to get a lot of hair cut off.   about 8 inches.  it suits her well.

 i have bribed her and begged her to practice writing her name.  did i mention she's a diva?

she finally did it!  it's a pretty big deal for her.  and me.

Monday, April 20, 2015

chileans love soccer

did you know that my husband is chilean?

well, he is.  and they do love soccer.  it's a whole world for them.  phillippe has been lucky enough to be able to coach all of the kids soccer teams.  it wasn't something that andre really enjoyed...and that's totally fine.  but gabriela really likes it.  having her dad right by her side the whole time is an added bonus.  and may be what is causing her to love it so much.

i love that they have this to share with each other.

 she is looking so grown up.  in every way.

they had a scrimmage for their first 'game.'
her favorite number is 16 so we chose that for her jersey number.
they have both red and black jerseys.

 they practice twice a week.  games every saturday.
this is the first year we have had to travel for her games.  let's just say, the girls on her team don't take the game as seriously as the teams they've played so far.  :)

 the sidelines in my direction are always much noisier than those around me.  my children pack a lot of punch in the volume department.  and with such a soft spoken mother, i'm just not sure where they got that from....

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

life update

i thought that since i can't seem to get on the computer to get photos up here, i would update a little on our life.


3rd grade.  9 years old.  she's jumped into that 'tween' stage.  i think.  maybe not, but it feels like she has.  she has had to take a couple of months off of gymnastics.  what we thought was a sprained ankle has ended up being a torn/hurt tendon in the bottom of her foot/back of leg.  she was instructed to quit going to gymnastics and take it easy for a few months....so hard, because she LOVES going and loved her instructor   since she is a very active kiddo.  but she got the go ahead to start soccer because she'll be using her body a different way than with gymnastics. phillippe is her coach so that's just the coolest thing for her.  we're trying to get adjusted to the late practice nights and will start games this saturday.  this is the first year that they will be playing in other towns, so that's new for us.  the girl loves sports.  which is not something i can relate to.  but it sure is fun watching her.

she is still in piano.  she loves that, too.  practicing, not so much.  but she loves playing.  so we'll get past these tough times of fighting her to practice.  someday, she'll grow to appreciate the time she puts into it.  but i don't expect her to understand that right now.

school is going great.  she is smart, you guys.  smarter than she realizes.  the girl drama has already started so there's always something going on with that.  it makes me sad.  and really frustrated.  but she has some solid friends.  this is the part of raising kids that is intimidating to me.  getting through this time frame in their lives.  they don't do this crap in preschool.  but i think overall their school is pretty good at handling things when they arise.  let's hope that follows the kids home so that they are being taught how to manage themselves.


1st grade.  7 years old.  he is still in tae kwon do.  he was just promoted to a army belt with orange stripe.  i know that won't mean anything to most of you.  :)  i think this is his 9th belt promotion since starting october 2013. he loves being in tkd, but doesn't like the idea of leaving right after school.  actually, we are home for 30 minutes before we have to go to class.  so just enough time to get home, eat a snack, and get ready to go.  once he's there, he's good.  but getting there isn't always easy.  they don't have an end date with his classes.  kids just go until they either don't want to go anymore, or until they become a blackbelt.  so i think that's a little hard for him to think about.  it's kind of never ending.  we've given him the chance to quit because he just gets burnt out sometimes.  he said 'i've been in it too long to just give up.'  how great of an attitude is that?!  he's pretty into it and i think if he keeps that thinking, he will go pretty far.

school is going well.  he's super smart, too.  i'm excited for him to get into the grades that explore science because that is where his interests lie.  he is a sponge with knowledge and retains so much information when he's really interested in the subject. when he tells you something you can bet all your money that he's telling you the truth.  he knows so much about so many things.  it's really neat how his mind works. he's very good and math, too.  which isn't my forte at all!  so i end up looking very puzzled when he's spouting off numbers and problems.  he usually let's out a big sigh and figures it out himself.  :)


she and i chum around all day.  hopping to the library, the park, the store, playdates, and being home. i'll say 'today we have to run some errands.' and she'll say 'we're going to erins' house?'  i have a friend named erin.  :) i think it's so cute.  she's my buddy all the days of the week.  it's safe to say i don't keep up with my household chores because i have a very 'helpful' 3 year old.

she will be starting preschool (2nd attempt) this fall at our church, which is opening up a preschool this year.  it will be great!  i'm really excited for her.  they have asked me to be a helper while she is at school, so i may not be getting those extra hours each week to get things done.  we'll see.  :)  it'd be good for everyone if i could do that.

she's got attitude for days.  that's all.

and she'll be 4 next month.  nnnnooooooooooooooo!


he is still working for the same company.  he's changed job roles a time or two over the last year or so.  still keeping him very busy.  he works hard for our family.

he's been busy with the new soccer schedule and the job of being the coach.  he's loving that!

he's healthy and good, good, good.


i am doing good.  trying to keep up with all of the schedules and keep track of everything we need during the days.  to be honest, i haven't been on my a-game for quite some time.  i can forget the day to day things more than i want to.  i have a million timers set on my phone.  for things as small as 'go get gas'.  i think we are just entering that time of parenting where everyone's schedules will be different.  i'm so used to just doing everything together as a family, because that's just how it's been.  but with birthday parties, games, practices, bringing treats, sign ups, concerts, uniforms to keep clean, snacks to pack, notes to sign, people to call, emails to write, places to drive.....i feel like i'm running low on memory.  not to mention all of these people expect supper every night and breakfast every morning.  the very idea......

i took on a photography project about a month ago.  it has proven to be larger than originally expected, taken way more time to finish than projected.  but my end date is next week so that will be a welcomed day.  i have been visiting merchants (restaurants and shops) to grab photos for a company's web page.  which is very intimidating. having all of those pictures be up and running on a website.  it's been a learning experience for me that's for sure.  in some good ways and some bad ways.  phillippe has had to take days off work and stay home on saturdays with the kids so that i can be out shooting.  it's been a big commitment for all of us.

photography season is starting.  i'm busy scheduling those sessions out.  taking on larger projects makes me realize that much more how much i love the simpleness of family/children photography.  i'd love to take on weddings and such, but my schedule just does not allow that.  so this makes it possible for me to connect with people in this way.  and it gets more fun the longer i do it.  i always get a little burnt out during the middle of summer and am ready for a break.  then i'm ready to go again for another few months.  so!, i'm gearing up for that.  :)


we love this house.  it continues to bless us living here.  we are getting neighbors right and left.  literally.  they are building all around us.  we've been able to meet and connect with almost everyone that has moved in.  our yard always has a few extra kiddos.  which we are okay with most of the time.  coming home to a driveway full of kids playing basketball who don't seem phased that you need to get in your garage is kind of a strange feeling sometimes, but we're good with it.  we are hoping to get our basement finished in time for fall so that we can have the trend of hanging out here continue.  i'd rather have that than have our kids somewhere else.

we love our firepit!

we love our house!

we are all keeping up with things.  not always well, but we're getting it done.  we always seem to get in a better grove when the weather gets awesome.  i'm not sure what that's about, but it just makes things run better.  it helps with the moods, too.  i have been helping out at our churches AWANA program.  which is a wednesday night time where the kids do songs, verses, bible stories, and games/crafts.  it ends at 8:00 so by the time i wait for my kids in my group to leave and i get home it's 8:15 or so and the kids are wound up.  they don't settle down easy so they don't get to be until after 9.  it's a struggle for me in the mornings when they are short on sleep.  but AWANA is over next week....a welcomed sight:).

we have family movie nights when we can.  we find any excuse to start up the firepit.  we are outside as much as possible...the kids play basketball, ride their jeeps/4wheelers, ride bikes, run around the yard, play hide and seek, blow bubbles, explore, go on walks, do sidewalk chalk, use squirt guns, and sit around.  we love warm weather.

so there ya have it.  the run down of life right now.  i'll be back soon with pictures!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

spring break part 3

we hung out a lot at the house.  the kids had a play date in there one day.  gabriela had a friend over and andre headed over to a buddys' house.  we played outside a whole bunch.  we had s'mores a ton.  random movie nights.  stayed up late, slept in late.  

we are thankful for the time.  

 he's an incredibly hard worker.  and very purposeful with his work.  he takes calls late into the evening for people that need his help.  he's hopping on the computer to check things out at any time he needs.  so i really appreciate him when he's able unplug like this.  i like vacation phillippe.  no schedule to keep.  no place to be but home.  i get spoiled, though.  and i don't accept it very well when the work grind starts calling his name.  i'm selfish like that.

 we have neighborhood kids now.  and they especially like hanging out at our house.  we get their energy out on the hoops, load them up with sugary s'mores and send 'em home.  they keep coming back so i guess their parents don't mind.  they are super sweet boys that get along so well with all of us.  we like that.

 phillippe's brother came into town from colorado for a few days.  it's so nice when he's around.

 we had big plans to get the tents set up in the living room and go camping one night.  musty smelling camping gear isn't pleasant at all.  so we scratched the tents and did a floor sleep out instead.  those are always so worth it for the kids.  they love doing that.

 she fell while running in her flip flops and was out of commission for TWO DAYS.  it was all drama all the time.  i'm trying to toughen her up.  although, i was a weeny for several (25) years of my life.  so...it may just be biting me in the rear.  however, i am tough now.  so i'm not sure if i'm gonna take the sissy stuff for long.

love you, bells.

 my nephew turned two somewhere in there, as well.  and this one special moment that he actually gave me the time of day was frozen in time.

 real life duties don't take spring break.  boo.

 i'm not sure i did one bit of house work during the week.  phillippe did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen nearly every day.  and i just let him.  dishes are my least favorite chore.

so there ya have it.  our spring break in a nut shell.  i feel like i didn't take enough pictures.  of the little things, i mean.  but it was one of those things where we just rolled from one thing to the next.

aren't times like that the best?