Monday, August 24, 2015

changing things up....

i'm moving this little ditty over to another address.

nothing fancy.

just a change of pace.  which is what i need right now.

please join me over there!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

family day

phillippe took the first monday off after the kids were out of school.  we ended up going to living history farms.  which is basically what it sounds like.  a large area of land where it showcases different time periods and how they lived in iowa.  there's a town, an indian reservation, small farmlands, and farmhouses.  my favorite times to go are when it is not super busy and we aren't super rushed.  taking your time out there is so relaxing.  and there's nothing better than us being all together.

Friday, June 12, 2015

random summer

i really do have a lot to catch up on.  so i'll just start.

somewhere in there my gma, aunt, and uncle came to visit.  i love when they are here.  they live in another state so getting to see them doesn't happen often enough.  i know there are some people who are okay with not seeing their extended family much, but i'm not one of those people.  we had such a great time while they were here.  and i wish it would have been much longer.

one of my favorite things about summer is the ability to pull off a picnic supper at any given moment.  snacky type of foods pass as a full meal.  sliced fresh veggies and fruit are good enough.  and you can eat them anywhere.

my mom knows this kids humor.  we were laughing for so long at these glasses.  and he'll do anything for a laugh.  so you can imagine how long he's used this as a means to an end.

phillippe was watch dog at gabi's school one last time before summer.

andre was home sick one day in there, too.  sore throat.  nothing a good ole' sick day didn't fix right up.

i had lunch with him one last day, too.

i am so mad at myself for not getting to gabi's school once to eat lunch with her.  i feel so horrible.

my niece played softball this year.

i've tried our online shopping twice now.  i think after they get all the hiccups out, it will be a nice service.  but maybe not for me right now.

days at the park...

andre fell and twisted his ankle.  i seriously thought it was broke by his reaction.  i tried to tell him that wearing socks with sandals does no one any good.  ever.  but try to get a man to listen to you about anything....

gabriela has had soccer games every saturday for several months.

when phillippe isn't home in time for bed, andre has a hard time settling down.  so we end up letting him crash on isabela's floor.  it's easier for me to handle.  this happens a lot.

andre's school is under has been all year.  so they let the kids dress as construction workers on the last week of school.  he was worried no one else would dress up.  which was kind of what happened.  but he still rocked it in my opinion.

gabi's school sent home an order form to order items with a piece of her art work on it.  this was totally worth the $500 price tag.  what a thing to treasure.  i love it so much.

sneaking a pic with a double rainbow in the middle of getting to sleep.  worth it.

do you have a child with a temper like i do?  isabela needs another time out place other than her room.  where she dismantles everything.  like, i mean everything.

parks and friends and running and watering cans.