Thursday, February 19, 2015

r a n d o m

i feel like i'm either ignoring this place or saturating it with pictures.  
i'm up.  i'm down.  i'm hot.  i'm cold.  i'm on.  i'm off.  

 we've been more intentional about our kids having their friends over.  meaning, we pick out the kids our kids are friends with that we like and want to have over and then 'suggest' that they have them over to play.

match making with your kids friends isn't a bad thing.  is it?

 little toe smudges.  high heels.

 (that's my niece vaughn)

 hey mom, we like each other today!  can we camp out together?!  


 dress up and make up and shoes and purses and hair tosses and lipsticks and fancy things.  that is her world right now.  it's a good thing she hangs out with girls who are like minded.

we will be recreating this photo with their prom dresses.  mark my words.

 we've since had 'the talk' about how to apply eye make up.
on TOP of your eyes only, sweetheart.

 she doesn't work the computer the way gabriela did at her age.  why am i so against getting my kids on here?  it's the times and they need to know.  by i'm still like "no!  it will rot your brain!"

i'm learning.

 i've realized something with boys.
they find a common ground and that's all they need.  period.

girls are so much more work.
boys are simple.

you like video games?!  boom.  playdate done.

 i will be giving up coffee really soon.  my stomach can't handle it anymore.  i'll have to find something else to replace my addiction.

all legal suggestions welcome.  and please don't say tea.....

 i've been trying to make everything homemade lately.  it's not hard by any means.
it just takes more time.  and more mess.
and also, it just doesn't last as long...because its so much better than anything take a loaf of homemade bread out of the oven, and that's it.  it is not going to last.
bread type things have always been the thing i'm most afraid to try.
not anymore.

 we've also had the talk about 'just on your lips.  not on your skin.'

 i used to spend lots of time doing hair with my girlfriends.  and we'd always do really silly things.  we always said it was just for fun, but i think we were all secretly trying to figure out if it was a good look for us.  oh my goodness!...look at my hair!!! so crazy, right?!!? (oooo, i kinda like this.  let's see what her reaction is......)

i love when gabriela lets her guard down to have fun like this!

 for about 3 weeks we were at the doctors/dentist so many times i lost count.  regular visits, hurt foot from gymnastics, cleanings, root canal (me), sickness, more of this and more of that.

by the time we were finished up, i even wanted to throw a fit about how much we've been.  it was ridiculous.

 i took a huge leap and painted this crazy little cute wall with chalk paint.  i know, i know, chalkboard paint is everywhere.
everyone's doing it.  and it's been around for so long.  i'm still up in the air as to if i am happy with doing it.  i liked it just plain black like that.
but once we started using it, i became a little nutty with how much of a mess it made.  right on my beautiful floor. we have chalk in the cracks.  on the chairs.  on the tile.  on our feet.
whatever kids.  just clean up your messes.

 the kids got to spend the night at gma and papas house.  phillippe and i celebrated a friend of ours birthday. they never do that so they were ready to go and had their back packs on for approximately 6 HOURS.

they kept complaining that their backs hurt.  so we told them to take off their back packs...gma and papa won't be here for hours.


well, okay then.

 the three most adorable snowmen ever, ever.

 another shot of gabriela's.

 mini gabi.  oh my goodness, the way she wants to be just like her is adorable.  gabriela doesn't always think it's so cute, but most of the time it's pretty okay.

 my sister in law had my nephew's bday party at a local indoor water park.  i'm not a fan of being all exposed in my winter skin, but my kids love it so much.
i also want to note (for my future self reading back on this) that they did so great when we had to pack up and leave.  no fits from anyone.  this isn't such a popular way to behave lately so it was very well received.  it makes going to places like this so much more worth it.  good job, kiddos.

 my friend, jerilyn.  she was my partner in crime on the dance floor when we were out celebrating the birthday.  she's one of my best friends.  and things like this just wouldn't be as fun without her.

 #1 thing i'm thankful for when we have dirty feet and lots of ick coming in from the outside.  our mudroom.  i'm sorry if you come over and it's all crumby.  it's well used.

 not a doctor visit, but still a waiting room.  oil hour and a half later.  geesh, people.
that girl was bored out of her mind.

 i cracked myself up the other day.  i sent this to phillippe.

i looked like a mesh of these two greats on my way to take the kids to school.

i laughed about that for a while...

 chalk art.

 andre is the best brother you could ever imagine there to be.

he took it upon himself to read to isa before bed.  he calls her 'honey' all the time.  and he genuinely cares about his sisters.  and all the people.

 she took my advice to heart.  i'm also telling her all about how make up doesn't make you pretty.  it's just fun to use.

oh bother.

 our valentines day was just basically a bunch of heart shaped food.
including this strawberry pie.

 my first homemade pie crust.
which was wonderful!

\also on the menu were these heart shaped calzones. 

we made heart shaped (fail) bacon and heart shaped pancakes.  

 i'll pretty much do anything i can to have my children play with my hair.
even if i'm already dressed and have my hair washed and done.
it's well worth the time to redo it all.

and i'll leave you with this.  my favorite spot in the house.
i can't get enough of our fireplace.  the sound, the smell, the heat, the mood.
it's so lovely.  we wish we would have put on upstairs somewhere.
next time.  :)