Friday, July 25, 2014

our 4th of july

i'm a little late to the party, but we had a great fourth.  we always do.  usually.  

phillippe and i were married on july 6, 2002.  who gets married around a holiday, i ask you.?   

we were thinking how easy it would be for family and friends to travel our way with them not having to take off work on friday.  or that it would be easy for them to get friday know....totally thinking of others.  
to be totally honest, that was really our thinking.  along with phillippe's birthday is in june and mine is in august, so bam!  one, two, three.  

i always wanted to get married in the fall.  and looking back on it, i wish we would have gotten married the fall before the july we got married.  but whatever.  it's always fun celebrating our anniversary around, if not the same time, as the fourth/jazz festival.  

who wouldn't want sparklers all around them whilst celebrating their  love for one another?!  

every year we tell the children 'you know, this is the day daddy and i got married!' 

and they say  'yeah.  we know.  you tell us that every year.'

 i'm a big ole' party pooper.  sparklers freak me out.  when i was a kid....a young kid....we would light as many sparklers as we could carry and run around my grandmas farm house.  the one who could get to the front of the house first with their sparkler being still lit was the winner.


i would never let my kids do that.  cuz i'm a control freak with stuff like that and i fear their life.  but it made my childhood more awesome for doing it.  and it's one of my favorite memories around the fourth.

they're so lucky their daddy is the complete opposite.

growing up, we went to my gpa's farm for the fourth.  they did a big fireworks show and we did sparklers and my grandpa would get lots of snakes and show us grandkids.  i'm not sure if they were his favorite or he thought they were ours.  but nonetheless, they will forever remind me of him.  so each year on the fourth, i buy a lot of boxes and we do them for our kids.  just like when i was little.  and it always takes me back to standing in front of his garage on their stoop, watching him light them and getting excited.  

as i have mentioned a thousand times, we go to iowa city for the jazz festival every summer.  sometimes, it falls on the fourth.  this year, it did.  so we got two nights of fireworks!
one on the 4th in coralville and one on the 5th in iowa city.

they also have 'herkey on parade' where they have dozens of herkeys dressed up and painted tons of different ways.  we love searching them out and of course, taking pictures of them.

so, here's what we found...without going out of the way. we missed so many that were pretty cool.
but these are all so awesome.

 thats a daddy herkey carrying his baby herkey in a baby carrier. i only tell you that because i could not figure it out for a long time.

 this year was a very off year for the festival.  it had rained SO much prior to that weekend.  normally they have the bands set up along that lawn behind phillippe.  but this year it was all in the streets.  so our idea of finding a nice shaded place to sit and chill was not hard to do.  but we weren't in very good ear shot of the music and it just didn't have the same vibe for us.  so we played ball and such.

 we were at the coralville festival the evening of the 4th.  we came away with 5 geico hats.  so, score.

 it rained on saturday.  so we literally spent the day at the mall.  children's museum, food, herkeys.  not how we expected the day to go, but oh well.

 our homemade tshirt.  made with fingernail polish and a heart shaped cookie cutter.

we're frugal, folks.

we happened upon the chemistry building.  where i decided we should take a picture because 'we have so much chemistry'.  but he didn't get the memo that we were taking that kind of said picture.  so he just smiled and looked normal.  and there you have it.  

these are memory makers for our kids.  they talk about going here all year long.  it's very low key.  we do the same things over and over again each year, but i know what that's like for them.  these trips matter to them, which makes it so much fun to do.

even when the weather is a bust, phillppe and i know that town so well we always have something up our sleeve.

just so much fun.