Monday, September 8, 2014

we have internet again!!!!!!!

i realize how privileged i am at very random times.  like, the moment we had our internet connected for the first time in 3 and a half months. i felt like 'finally!  geesh...'  and then the very next second thought 'oh man, how arrogant....'  

but it's so nice to have that convenience back.  i am very excited to catch back up on here.  i have so many photos i haven't shared, so many stories i haven't shared.  

like this....

i was walking around the house the other day and realized there are so many things that i want to remember about my kids right now in their lives.  little things that i pass by every single day and may even annoy me at times.  but it's so telling of who they are and their personalities are so vivid.  

andre took so long placing each item on his shelf in his room.  and his bulletin board.  his room is so thoughtfully placed.  and he is by far the cleanest person in our house.  i still can't figure that one out... :)

and he has his dragon on the floor by the foot of his bed everyday.  he can't have it out where he can see it because it freaks him out at night.  but wants to have it out in the open.  i love that.

and isabela has her things out all over her room all the time.  everything she owns is always out.  played with day in and day out.

and she is still in the dora stage.  which i'll gladly take because i know that once it's done, it's done.

and gabriela's room is so teenage.  she likes things surrounding her.  and how in the world did they make a bottle with the exact spelling of her name?!   and the little butterfly is something phillippe and i picked up for her in costa rica.  things are special to her.

and things dangled on every surface.  it's cluttered and so her.

Friday, September 5, 2014

isabela's first day of preschool

so, 3 and a half years ago when i had isablela, i knew she would be my last baby.  as much as it pained me to make the decision, i had to get my tubes tied during my c-section.  kind of a long story why, but it needed to be done.

so sending her to preschool, knowing this was my last time to do so, was hard.  it didn't freak me out like it did with gabriela, because she wasn't my first.  and it didn't bother me the same way it did with andre.  it was different.  

not to sound dramatic, but it was like i was closing a chapter in my life that has been open for the last 9 years.  and that is hard.  

the day before preschool my dear friend, shawnda, asked if i wanted to take the girls to get their nails painted for something exciting to do before their big day.  of course i said yes.  
because that's just too cute.  

 we also practiced on first day hair.  you guys, her hair is down to her bottom when she's in the bathtub.  it's super duper thin so it tangles really easily.  i could cut it.  but it's so adorable.

yes, we still have boxes in our bedroom.  i'll explain why later.

and then i was sitting there, in the pick up lane for andre and vaughn, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  in just 2 years, i will be there for her.  HER. and then i got sad.  really sad.  

i have always pictured myself with young kids.  like, even when i pictured myself old, i still picture young kids running around me.  they drive me crazy and insane and nutty and some days are really hard.  but i never saw myself out of this stage.  until that moment.  and all of a sudden, i saw her aging.  it's easy to see your baby as your 'baby' until you see them next to another baby.  and then you see them for the size they truly are.  

100% honesty.....i'm scared to have my kids get older.  i know young kids.  i get young kids.  i don't get older kids.  i don't get the 'tudes, and the weird things they say and do, and i don't get drama.  i get little kids. and i'm scared i won't get my kids.  i'm scared i'll continue to fail them as a mother.  but only now, they'll be able to remember my failures and carry it with them.  and will i say the right thing and give them the right advice?  will they end up being like me in all the ways i don't like?!......

see?....i went to a crazy lady place just there.  

but this is how my mind works.  so i like to keep 'em little.  for me, it's a comfort. and also, it's really sad that i won't have those young kiddos in my house anymore.  so we suck it up and move forward.  all the while, i'm wearing out my shoes from digging my heels in so deep.  

but who doesn't like buying new shoes?  

i cried when i put her to bed on wedensday night.  and i cried while she was at preschool the next day.  and i don't care who knows it.  

 i don't know if i'm supposed to say this about my own child, but isn't she just so adorable?!

 for isabela's birthday in may, her friend, meigan got matching dresses.  and shawnda and i said we'd have the girls wear them on their first day of preschool.  and we did.

 i had been prepping her for a couple of weeks.  she's a mommy's girl and kind of a leech.  so we went over how i would not be staying there and all of the things she would do while i was gone.  her nerves showed that morning, but not by much.  eventually, i left and she did wonderfully.   no tears.  she started playing with the teacher and that was that.  all of my kids are drawn to the adults in their class.  probably because i'm such an awesome adult.

 i got back to the school 25 minutes early to watch her for a little bit in their window.  it's a mirror on her side so she didn't notice me, but she was dancing and singing to 'if you're happy and you know it'.  and smiling.

she nailed preschool.  and i'm just crossing my fingers that her love for it holds through.

 i asked her what she would like for her treat after and she said 'chik a lay'.  you got it girl.  we met daddy there for lunch.

 she literally gasped when she saw her flower.  at first she said 'mommy, look what daddy got you!'  when she found out it was for her, well...let's just say the sun shined a bit brighter.

i am proud of her.  and kind of myself, that i didn't tie a rope on the end of her finger to attach to mine as i left.  and i think eventually i will like this time to myself.  a couple of hours a week.  but it's so strange to think about right now.  anyways, we did it.  first day under our belts.  bring on day 2.

Friday, August 29, 2014

our last day at the pool for the year

 we have used and abused our pool pass.  i don't see a day any time soon where we don't invest in that.

last weekend we invited phillippe's mom to come join us at the pool for our last visit of the summer.  it was about 100 degrees so it was perfect.

 gabriela is jumping off the high dive.  a feat she has mastered over the course of the summer months.

my kids did not get their love of the water from me.  and that's a fact, jack!

 at the beginning of the summer, he couldn't stand to get splashed.  

huge steps for this guy.

we all have the tan lines to prove that our summer in the sun was really great.  so long until next year, water.

our last preschool open house

well....we had our last preschool open house ever for this house hold.  isabela starts next thursday and we got to visit her school and teachers last night.

this is something that i can barely wrap my mind around.

 funny story about her 'packpack'.

during the summer reading program, they had the ability to earn tickets to try to win certain prizes.  they could put their tickets in any prize bucket they wanted to win.  isabela put all of her tickets in the bucket to earn this dora back pack that came with several books.  she was absolutely certain that she would win.  it was no question.  we were out looking for school stuff one day and she very matter of fact stated that she didn't need a new back pack.  hers was at the library and she would get it when the reading program was over.

a few days later, her name was drawn for the prize and she walked briskly up to the front of the room and declared to my face " I TOLD YOU SO, MOM!"

it was pretty cute.  and so now, she has a dora packpack to wear to school.

 she also decided that this was the prime photo spot before we headed out the door.

"here.  let me close this door for you.  that way you can't see the potty."

in case you were wondering, she grew 6 inches this past year.  6.

 my husband knows me better than anyone.  taking a photo of me signing my last child in for preschool open house.  i'm sappy.
no i didn't cry or anything foolish like that.  (and no i "didn't" with my other 2 either......)

 she suddenly looked older the second we walked through the doors.

how does that happen?!

 she probably will never grow into that back pack before she starts kindergarten.

 andre was p r o u d to show his baby sister around his old school.  he was running her all over creation showing her all he knew of the room.  it was overwhelming and adorable.

and so that's that.   next week, she'll be coming here 2 mornings a week for 2 1/2 hours.  it's time for her.  but it's so strange.  i know that eventually i will enjoy my little 'break'.  but it's really hard for me to admit what's about to happen.  for almost 9 years, i've had a child in this house every day all day.  and that time is slowing come to an end.  and no, i'm not trying for dramatics here.  but the reality is, that the end of my days of being a stay at home mom are just around the corner and before i know it, i'll be sending her to kindergarten.  gah!  i will not even think about that.  because the thought of her going to preschool is enough to make my throat lump up.

yes.  i'm one of those moms.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

tae kwon do

this past saturday, andre preformed with his dragon class at the waukee fest on the square in waukee.  

he's been going to tae kwon do since last october.  we don't do much outside of the class...mostly because it usually conflicts with something else we have going on.  we were free this time and thought, 'hey, why not go out in the 150 degree weather to have andre move around like a ninja and we'll stand in the blaring sun and watch!' 

good land!, it was h o t.  i felt so bad for those kiddos.  and those adults just the same.  miserable.  

i think it's so funny and neat how much andre has taken to this sport.  it's unique in that it's more unpopular than most other sports kids take on.  he's not drawn to football or soccer or baseball, but he is drawn to this.  in some ways, it's very fitting for his personality.  

 this is his little class.  most of those boys he doesn't see regularly because they will go to different times than andre does.

 they say 'gooooooo dragons!!!!!!!'

 how funny is it to see your children stand around and have conversations with other children!?  i always think they seem so old when i see them chatting it up with another small human.

 they got to break boards that day.  they had never done that.  andre got his on the first try, which kind of freaked him out.  i think he thought it would take longer than that to learn how to do it.  i'm a sentimental fool, so i kept the board.  and will most likely frame it for his room and when i look at it as he grows, i'll think 'my, how he's grown....'.

 last night, he promoted to another class level.  and staring next week, he'll be a tiger.  and his instructors will change to being boys instead of a woman.  he's nervous and excited.

he's got the biggest heart i have seen in almost any person ever.  he got sad last night after his last dragon class.  he teared up and just hugged me.  letting go of things is hard for him.  but he's not afraid to start something new.  something more challenging.  and something he's never done.

and when it's 300 degrees and you just sweated off 10 pounds of water, you get to have ice cream in the air conditioned ice cream shop.  

this is maddi.  gabi has befriended her during these classes as her brother is also in andre's class.  they are the same age and always have something fun to talk about or try to trump each others gymnastics moves on the extra mats at the gym.  girls....  :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the iowa state fair

 we have never taken all our kids to the state fair.  and by that, i mean that we haven't been to the fair since andre was a baby.  and that was enough to do me in for a long time.  it can be such a great time.  but it's hard work getting through all of those people with kids.  and more than one is just plain exhausting.

but because we won tickets to the demo this year, we decided to take them.  i'm really happy we did.  but it was 50% annoying, 50% frustrating, 50% AHHHH, and 50% fun.

we didn't even make it to the animals.  that's just sinful.

it was a great demo derby and great race.  loud and fast, just like it should be.  

i think they enjoyed the bus ride more than the fair itself.

 okay, so our iowa station that has kids shows has this guy on there.  dan wardell.  he a big deal in our neck of the woods.  and there was a line behind me.  i said, 'okay guys, look here and i'll get a picture!'  then andre got mad because he wasn't smiling.  and gabriela looks grossed out.  which she's not.  and phillippe looks thrilled.  isabela was hiding. and that's what's going on.  we love dan, though.  and he's so great in person.  makes you feel special.  just what the "kids" need.  .....

 there is an entire exhibit made out of butter carvings.  they have a cow every year.  for years.  i mean years.  since 1911.  and then they have other random things in there, too.  it's pretty neat.

 we watched a magic show.  only because we needed a place to chill for a while.  and it ended up being super fun to watch.  they stuffed all of those people into a balloon.  really kind of cool to see.

and then we went home.  in between eating some food and seeing some stuff.  next year will be a little easier to go.  and then the year after will be even easier.  and then maybe it will get fun.  but i'm not gonna lie....this year wasn't all that pleasant.  we ARE glad we went.  but we are ALSO glad we don't have to go back any time soon.