Monday, July 21, 2014

summer time

oh, we are so busy.

our summer has been wonderful.  and we've done little more than just have a lot of fun.

we still don't have internet.  (still using our hot-spot for random times)  so getting on here for much time is still hard to do.

but there is so much to catch up on!

we love the long days and warm sun.

we're at the pool a lot.  and having a great time.  so, stay tuned!  tons of photos and stories to share.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

we are heading out of town this weekend.  to our favorite little stomping ground.  Iowa City.

we'll sit around on the grass and listen to jazz music and eat wonderful food and watch an amazing fireworks show and make great memories.

phillippe and i will celebrate our 12th anniversary.

we will relax.

and i'll fill you all in on our weekend when i return.

and you will be overloaded with pictures.

i'm sure you just can't wait.

Monday, June 30, 2014

my name is isa!

do you know isabela? 

if you do, you're lucky.  

she's pretty great.  

'my name is not "isabela grace taborga, it's I S A!'

(pronounced is-ah)

and if you get the privilege of listening to her tell a story, it will look like this...

and then you get to give her kisses.  because she is super duper kissable.

Friday, June 27, 2014

i need a time out

i have reached the point in my summer where i need some time to myself.  

there are times where it would be nice to have a pinch hitter for all of the questions, and snack getting, and argument refereeing, and the crumb sweeping, and......

and just put myself in a time out.  

i wouldn't trade my stay at home mom-ness for anything.  but even in the duration it's taken me to write this post, i've been 'mommmm...'ed 7 times and there is now an argument going on in the hallway involving doors being slammed, yelling, and a fight that is breaking out over someone wanting to talk to someone else and that person isn't listening to them.

sometimes, i feel like drinking before 9 am.  which is pretty much when i know that i just need a break. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

a few bits and pieces of summer days

we get a pool pass every summer.  this is the first year i've taken the kids during the days by myself.  i have always waited for phillippe to be with us....cuz i'm scared of loosing a child.  we have had so much fun improving our tan.  and i've come home with all children every time.

and this girl is great at pool life.  her $1 garage sale, brand new life jacket is one of the best purchases of my life.  ok, maybe not my life, but it's been a lifesaver.  no pun intended.

we took a trip to our local 'living history farms' with friends the other day.  no one would probably believe me, but i would love to live that kind of life.  maybe not without plumbing.  but i don't know.  not having to worry about my kids (isabela) flushing hair ties would be a nice change of pace.

i'm trying to help everyone with their swimsuit figures by making chocolate chip cookies.

it's working.

we recently taught the children how to play battleship.  i don't think anyone in my generation doesn't know how to play that game.  am i right?  and, i'm not kidding, they love it.  andre is borderline obsessed with that game.  and ends up getting so worked up that he knocks over the board, misplacing all ships, and having to start over.  which is never good for him. because he's really good.

we watch so many movies.  after swimming all day, all they want to do is veg.  am i'm totally fine with that.

oh, and eat popsicles.

a random stop at papa's got us a really impromptu photo op that i just love.  i've realized lately that the times i should have my phone or camera out snapping photos, are the times i don't.  like when we're with friends and family.  i need to do that more often.  that is my goal.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

our guy

 this guy....

when we first started dating, he was 18.  i remember making him supper...we had been together for about a year, and he was turning 19 (he just turned 35!).  and i remember it wasn't very good.  but he ate every bite.  and i didn't know it wasn't good until years later, when i actually knew what i was doing in the kitchen.  and i remember thinking back to that night and realized all the things i had done wrong.  i apologized to him and we laughed about it.  and then he said, 'you're wrong.  it was wonderful.'.

and that birthday night, there was a rainbow over the yard....

phillippe is my favorite person in the world.  i am so lucky.  i haven't always realized how lucky i am.  not sure why.  i guess i take him for granted. which i don't mean to do.

he is such a huge, solid force in my life.  i used to be so frustrated that we were kind of opposites in many areas.  but now i look at it as a balancing tool.  sometimes, i get so up in arms about something.  i can't handle this, or i get overwhelmed by that.  and he's so steady.  he brings me back to ground level when i'm way up in the air worked up about something.  i couldn't be the kind of mother i am if it weren't for him.  i wouldn't be a sane mother, that's for sure.  (not that i really am anyways...).

i would be lost without him.  he's a hard worker, easy going, patient, smart, funny, dependable, and intoxicatingly handsome.

and i love him.

he gets to be doted upon each year for fathers day and his birthday all in one.  sometimes, on the same day.  but usually just days apart.  sometimes, i feel bad for him.  i wish he got those 2 things more spread out.  but i sure hope we do a sufficient enough job at making him feel as loved as he truly is.  because the truth is, we wouldn't be 'us' without him.

i wish i could go back and relive certain moments in my life.  because many of them were lived not realizing how precious you are to me.  this is the better part of our lives, right now.  and i'm joyously happy with you.

Friday, June 13, 2014

that time my kids got muddy

no.  i don't regret this decision. 

summer life

sharing some pictures of how our summer has looked so far.  

 i have let the kids veg out to movies, well, a lot.  we don't have cable or satellite anymore.  so we check out movies from the library like we did when i was a kid and they watch that.  and zone out.  because they don't watch much tv.  so when they do, they look like that.

 andre's buddy came over to play the other day for the afternoon.  this boy needs boys hanging out with him.  being surrounded by girls has made him uber frustrated at this point in his life.  he just wants to yell for no reason, run crazy fast, throw something just to throw something, and say weird things like 'poop' and 'giblets' and girls just don't understand that.

 we made a river out of tinfoil and put the hose at the top to let all of their little toys float down.

gotta say, i thought it would be a hit with the older kids.  and it wasn't.  isabela had a blast....but just staying at the top messing with the hose.  oh well.  ya live and ya learn and ya spend 3 dollars on cheap tinfoil so you don't care.

 right now, running the sprinkler is double duty.  keeps the grass healthy (because we have sod) and cools off the kids.

 all lots surrounding us are dirt.  but the lot just west of us is the closest one, so they walk over the grass and play in that dirt field often.  which is wonderful.

 the sprinkler was hitting the table.  so they just sat there and got wet.  girls are sweet like that.

 then i said 'hey, why don't you put the hose in the dirt and ride your tricycle down the muddy hill?'

which they thought was super cool.

 we eat a lot of popsicles.
and they are dirty a lot.

 which is why this thing should just stay out in the open all the time.  it's well used.

 andre is moving up in tae kwon do next week to another belt ranking.  after that one, he'll move up a class level and get to be with the instructor right there in the blue.  that will be a great thing for andre.

 party like it's 2014 and it's your 3rd birthday.

 this isn't a norm, i'll say that up front.  but this is not unheard of.  i asked her if a heard of elephants came through her room.  her response was ''elephants??!  that's hilarious, mom." 

 i am so thankful for this space every single day.

 going through boxes and boxes to pull things out that i want to see everyday.  preparing to hang them on the walls.  i found a box of phillippe's with all of the things from when we were dating.
YOU GUYS.  he kept nearly every single movie stub from our years before marriage.  how awesome is that.  defiantly going up in our bedroom. that is just a glimpse into the heart of the man i love.  i wish everyone knew him in the way that i know him.


i told the kids to go out and play the other day.  but followed that by telling them not to get run-over by the cement truck.

not sure these every make it to fully dry.

i'm trying not to care much this summer about the little things.  watching movies during the day, having 2 sweet snacks in a row,  playing in the mud whenever, flies in the house.....

we're working on the level of fighting that goes on among the kids.  my new form of consequences (punishment, if you will) is doing a different chore every time something happens.  not sending them to their room, not taking things away.  cleaning.  whatever it is that needs to be done or cleaned that they can do, they will do.  so far this morning, i've had the bathroom sinks cleaned, a toilet scrubbed, and my stairs dusted.  i'd say it's a win win.