Tuesday, October 14, 2014

keeping me busy

this is what is taking up a huge amount of my time the last couple of months.   it's leaving little room for much else.  finding the time to sit down and do it, the editing part, is proving tough this time around.  but it's getting done. verrryyy slloowwllyy.... 

i went back through my folders looking for photos to show you from my 'real' camera.  nada.  nothing since the last post.  i have hundreds of photos.  just none of my family.  none of my kids.  none of us.  

that was kind of disappointing.

this weekend we are going to the farm.  and i *CAN*NOT*WAIT*.  big break from our regular routine.  big break from our daily grind.  and big break from photos.  at least of other people.  :)

i don't think there's been a time where this has come at a more welcomed moment in my life.  phillippe is returning tonight from a 10 day trip away to atlanta for training for his job.  so, yeah....i want a break.  simply put, my kids are driving me nuts!

Friday, October 3, 2014

the apple orchard with no apples.

a week ago, the kiddos had no school on monday.  i love those days.  

a friend of mine doesn't work on monday's so we loaded up our tribe and headed to a local orchard.  i had this grand plan of picking apples and pumpkins and making all sorts of goodies to shower my friends and family with.  apple this and that.  decorate my porch with fall flavors.  

we are sorry for the inconvenience, but there are currently no pick-your-own apples or pumpkins.  but they will be ready soon!

boo hoo.  

we pressed onward and had a fantastic day anyways.  i dressed my children for fall.  who knew it would be summer weather???  

 we ate hotdogs from this sweet little barn.

 it was really hot.  not summer hot, actually, but hot for how we were dressed.  we were dressed for 60 degree weather.  it was in the 80s.  mom fail.  :(


 my friend, erin and her kiddos luci and arthur.

 i believe in arranged marriages.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

there are 80 pictures in this post

and i have at least 80 more.  

i can't take it anymore.  i was going to break these all up and put them in different posts, but who am i kidding?  it's beyond the point where that would even make sense.  it's october for cryingoutloud, and most of these photos are from summer.  

this is how we function sometimes.  

 andre and vaughn were the first round of star students at school.  which, as you can guess, was quite the confidence booster.  gma hasn't missed one yet.  :)

 the pj's at kohls that have a matching one for your dolls is the best thing ever.  i would have loved that as a kid.

 going all the way back to MY BIRTHDAY, folks.  august 25.

 that's my nephew, cashius.

he's kind of amazing.

 black olive fingers for the win.

it's the only food they are allowed to 'play' with.

 picking apples at papa's house.

 don't frown on the simple swing set.  this is the best thing ever.  it's all my kids want to do.

 we went to my gpa's farm a while ago for a family picnic.  :)

 dad took the kids on a ride.  mostly for him, i think.

 i don't get to have cashius over here enough, but when he's here, he is well loved.

 we took a trip to living history farms late summer.

 gabriela's art.

 a little thing i made.  cuz, it's a good thing to do.

be thankful.

 i ate this on my birthday.

how's that for clean eating?

 i had a friend deliver this goodness to my front door.

 another friend meet me at the coffee shop.
 got some killer elephant earrings from my niece.

 another had delivered treat.  my fav.

 lunch with my husband.

 a walk around homemakers with my daughter.  wanting a million things.
 my birthday drink.  peach green tea lemonade.

 and during the rain, a dance show through the living room window.

i'll get you your 80 more photos soon.  and i promise they'll be a little more relevant to life right now.