Tuesday, April 8, 2014

minus one tooth

i'm sorry about the picture.  it ain't pretty, i know.  

i wanted to show how high up there his tooth actually was.

i am not kidding you when i say this is the toughest kid ever.  there was not one ounce of worry.  not one tear.  not one nervous question.  not one flinch of pain.  i have nothing to take credit for, but i am so proud of him!  my kids have taught me so many things.  one of them being how to keep calm for them.  i was so nervous for this to happen.  it could not have gone more smoothly.

this is the tooth.  it told him it looked like a dragon tooth.  which he thought was so cool.

he wrote the tooth fairy to ''please don't take my tooth, but give me a gift please.  p.s. i want a whistle.''

see?  that's another reason i love this boy.  he has the guts to bluntly ask the tooth fairy for a whistle.  straight up asked for what he wanted.  moxy.

he ate 3 chicken tenders, apples, strawberries, oranges, apple squeezie, an ice cream pop, string cheese, and 3 roasted marshmallows for supper.  i was prepared for the soft foods for a day or so.  he was like 'mom, i can eat this stuff.  seriously.'

i'm not kidding.  the kid's a trooper.  and i have a weight lifted off my mind.  it was a box i had open in my head all the time.  it's nice to get that closed.  let's move on to regular 6 year old tooth issues.  just loosing them the normal way.

i love this kid.

Monday, April 7, 2014

my little man (updated)

the story goes,

when andre was around a year and a half years old, he fell.  he fell with his mouth open onto a hard floor.  it pushed his front right tooth out.  it remember how much it bleed.  and how much i wished he used a pacifier. because if he had one in, nothing probably would have happened.  it was awful.  about a month later, he fell again.  on the same tooth, on a very thin carpeted floor.  this time, it pushed the tooth up into his gums.  he's been going to the dentist regularly since that time and had many x-rays.  we've watched the tooth carefully.

it's been a lot of 'are you sure the tooth is okay?' and a lot more of 'it looks really good considering.  nothing seems to be a problem.  we'll continue to keep an eye on it....'

well, since his appointment in january it's gotten incredibly worse.  maybe because his permanent tooth is coming down faster now?  i don't know how all of that works.

but we have an appointment tomorrow to possible (most likely) get it pulled.


it's a fine line of how much to tell them and how much to sugar coat.  i don't know myself what to expect.  so i'm telling him all that i know.  but not in too much detail.  i'm just ready for this to be over.  it's not been a big deal at all....it doesn't bother him.  the dentist said unless it bothers him and doesn't seem to be affecting any further growth in his other teeth, pulling it would simply be cosmetic.  which isn't something we wanted to do just for the look.  but, we've seemed to have reached that point where it is starting to become an issue.

i just feel bad for my guy.  i don't like to see my kiddos in pain or discomfort.  this is minor, i know that.  but it's still something we don't want to have to go through.

this was 2 years ago....

this was a few months ago....

and this is now....it has changed his appearance.  i hope that all of his teeth will eventually fall into place.  but his right side is very different from his left side.

it's a bummer.  but we're ready to get it in the past so that we can see that awesome smile come together again.  i think he's so used to it he doesn't know any different.  either way, he's a handsome dude.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

this week

this is how we all feel about the nicer weather we had for a few days.
down right joyful.  

this is me.  standing on our front stoop.  it's such a delight to be out at our house. none of us wants to leave.

they insulated the entire house friday of last week and over the weekend.  this was on monday when we stopped out.  it changes the entire feel of the home at each stage.  i thought that seeing it like this made it feel a little bigger than it did when it was just framed.

we are going to make the inner hearth of our fireplace from the brick we have had in a pile at this house since we moved it.  we've always had it just in the back yard in the corner.  and i love it.  i think it will add another level of warmth.

i love that i get to experience the joys of being a mom of a boy as well as of 2 daughters.  letting him do things like this without squashing it with my fear of him poking a branch through his chest or eye or groin is tough for me.  but i do it.  i can't let him grow up in fear of everything that could possibly happen.  so, i take pictures of him doing this stunts.  and then slowly force myself to focus on how brave he is instead of how much i keep imagining him getting hurt.

it is good for both of us.

for all those wondering if we've started packing yet.....

the answer is yes.  i've made a large dent it in.  and when the weather isn't so cold, i'll be able to tackle the garage and basement.

this area has become a dump zone.  it drives me nuts.  but it also will make actually having a spot to put everything so much more wonderful.

our street sign.  i love all of the little changes we've seen during this whole thing.

we've had a huge delivery of light fixtures this week.  this one looks a little more of a pain to get unpacked than the rest of them.  there are about 3/4 rows of those shells each covered in plastic and tape.

but going to be oh-so-pretty.

so, like i said, we stopped at the house monday and it was insulated.  we stopped out on tuesday and they almost had the entire house drywalled!  i can not believe how fast it's all going up!  eek!

i'm on the hunt this weekend for lots of goodies.  beds, tables, frames, desks, chairs.  i'm headed to the flea markets and thrift stores in des moines.  it's about to get real.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


this is how i've felt lately, in my head. all kinds of crazy and wonky.   
i am so super crazy about this picture andre drew during the end of kids church the last weekend.  phillippe and i were teaching and at the end, they are allowed to play a little while the parents work their way down to pick them up.  it's the very best.  i wish it wasn't drawn on a white board.  i would frame it.  

 one of my first 'accessory' buys for the new house.  a sweet light for gabriela's room that is so very gabriela.

 phillippe and i were able to go on a date the other day.  we don't get to do that often enough.  it's hard to imagine a time in our relationship where that's what we did.  just date.  no marriage, no children.  just dated.

'hey, wanna go watch a movie and go to dinner?'

i do wish i would have understood what it meant to have that time.  time with just us.  the freedom to have normal conversations.  or to go on a long walk.  or go to the mall.  or just sit and do nothing.  or go to a movie.  i'm just so thankful that we had the first few years of our marriage to be just that way.

 isabela's hair is braid-able.  and so so cute.

 gabi and i took turns writing a sentence in a story the other day.  people, you just watch.  one day, i'll be buying a book written by gabriela rose taborga.

 my nephew turned one.  and it was cute.

 over spring break, phillippe took both of the older kids on a date for lunch.

 he's a good dad.

 make a masking tape hopscotch board on your floor.  just do it.  you'll thank me.
(notice how blank the walls are?)

 i've been having some tough mommy moments these days.  especially with my son.  sometimes, i'm not sure i understand what having a son is really all about.  it is so different from having daughters. i would even venture to say it's completely different.  at times i'm feeling like i've just messed up as a mom.  with all of my kids.  i think being a parent is the scariest thing to do.  once they exit the infant/toddler stage that is.  i think my biggest struggles come with andre.  and not because he's a bad kid.  but because he's a boy.  and boys are different.  they have a different energy.  the other day, i saw this post from someone i follow on facebook.  the same day i was feeling like i was going to loose it with him.

my kids fight so bad.  all 3 of them.  it's a weird combination of personalities between them.  and right now, in the set up we have in our house, and the dynamics of boy/girl, older/middle/youngest, it's a really hard parenting stage for me.  really, really hard.  and to be honest, i feel alone.  my friends either have all girls, or all boys, or kids that get along wonderfully.  so i feel like a failure.  i feel like i'm messing my kids up.  i feel like there are days where i'm going to pull all of my hair out.  which is not what i want to feel like on any day.
i refuse to give up on my kids.  and sometimes, you have to get through the rain to see the rainbow.  and that's where i'm at right now.....

the reason it has taken so long to pick out lighting is simply a budget issue.  i have to hunt and hunt for lights we want in the price range we can afford.  because let's be honest, we can't go spending $989 for one vanity light.  but when i search for what i want, and click on the photo of what i want, these are the prices i'm getting.  so i say a small 'you are such a beautiful fixture.....' and then search for a long time to find the look we are trying to go for at the price we're willing to pay.  i do the same thing with everything we have picked out for our home.  but everything else is easier to find on sale or to find styles in a reasonable price.  so to clear it up, i'm not spending all of my time and energy on lighting. i promise. everything else has just been easier to line up.  :)

i had something going on over spring break so phillippe took the kids to the indoor bounce house place.

we got together with some dear friends of ours and had a date night with dinner out and a comedian show.  i can't even tell you how much we enjoy these two.  the first time i met them i was hooked.  we met them at church, and within the time frame of our church service i had already invited them to come hang out with us and our gang of friends.....like, that night!  i'm not sure i've ever done that, and i'm not sure i'd ever do that again.  i remember telling my friends i had just invited these 2 people and their 9 month old baby boy to come hang out with us, and 'is that okay that i did that?' and they were like, 'um, you're weird for doing that.....but okay!'  and we've all been friends since then.  i've loved them both from day one.  some people will always have a place in your life.  no matter what.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

our trip to Honey Creek Resort

every since gabriela started school, we've taken little mini vacations during spring break.  it's so nice to get away with all 5 of us together.  staying at home is fun for them, but it's nice to break it up with some fun adventures.  

this year, we decided to head down to lake rathbun for a stay at their resort/inn.  let me tell you, we will be going back.  it's out in the middle of nowhere.  right on the lake.  they have a large inn where it's like a hotel set up, and they also have around 30 cabins you can stay in.  that's what we'll do next time.  we ended up catching my sister in law and her family on the tail end of their trip there so we hung out with them a little our first day there.  

the only thing we wish is that the weather would have been nicer.  it was windy and chilly all but half a day.  we packed for that kind of weather so it was okay.  we can't wait to go back when it's green and warm!

our last night there (only the second night, but still the last), we made plans to watch the sun set around the fire.  we brought treats and everything.  it was SO windy and, as you can see, the sun was setting behind the resort.  

our plan was foiled.  but we all smelled like campfire the next morning so it's all good.  

 we came in from the cold and played games instead.  very even trade off.

 isabela will do just about anything to be allowed to take pictures on my phone.  :)

 they have a great pool for kids.  nothing is over 3 feet and they have a lazy river and a cool toddler area.  but all three of those kiddos broke out in a rash from the water.  the kind that made them not want to do the pool the last day.  poor dudes.

 the first night there, we grilled out with my sister in law and her family.  the sun was beautiful bouncing around out there and off the lake was just too pretty.

i gave gabi the camera and let her go nuts.

and she did.

 that's my nephew, casey.  we call him case.  and probably always will.

 we headed down to the lake for a walk.  they have all these pretty white rocks.  that's enough fun for anyone.  the first time her rock hit the water was about the cutest thing i'd ever seen.

 we were animal tracking like nobodies business.

 i sneaked in out of the cold to sit in the car with my nephew, caden, and wouldn't you know i had the aunties touch and got that boy right to sleep.

 you can imagine how wonderfully i slept while being in the same queen sized bed as my husband and my youngest.  so in the morning, i just gave my phone to isabela and she took about one thousand selfies.
mommy needed to lay there quietly for just a moment.

 the package deal we got had bike rentals for an afternoon.  this girl is afraid to ride a bike (i know, i know), so daddy took the kiddos on a ride around the path.

 we checked out a nature pack that had all of these great things to do.  bingo, animal prints, animal 'scat' (it's poop, people.  just call it poop.)  and they had this thing called geotracking.  which i had never heard of.  it's a handheld gps with a map that you follow from trail to trail in search of tiny treasure boxes that are hidden in the 'wooded area'.  you take a treasure that's been left there by others before you and you leave one in it's place.  it was so much fun.  next time, we'll go all out and bring the stroller, because we had to cut our time short from the little one needing to be carried.  but so much fun!

 the kids loved finding all of the animal bones.

 and daddy found a feather.

 isabela can draw people now.  and i think they are just adorable.

 funny thing.  that vent was blowing cold air on me during the night so they tried their hardest to cover it up.  failed attempt, but sweet of them to try.  gabriela is on her way to being a stunt acrobat.  i'm sure of it.

we took the long way home and drove through my hometown.  they have this sweet little grocery that hasn't changed a bit since i left.  it is one of the most nostalgic things about that town to me.
so we always have to stop in and load up on homemade candies.

 this was my home there.  well, my first home there.  it has changed sooooo much.  it's so sad for me to look at that photo.  my memories from there don't match what i see in that photo.  it kind of makes me wonder what my kids will remember this house like.  what will there memories from here be like?  kids only see the good, i know that.  i can look at that house and see my childhood.  it's strange, really.  ten twenty seven north eighth street.  oh man....

 i have never seen them sleep the way they did that first night.  not one of the 4 of them woke up once.  and because i can't sleep worth a darn, i spied on them.  i'm glad phillippe got this picture of them.  it's too cute.  gabriela was saying 'i don't want to sleep by him!  he'll take up all the room!  that's gross.  i'll sleep in the chair!'  and then this.  whether she'll admit it or not, she totally digs her brother.

we really had a great trip.  it was the perfect length of time and came at the right time in our break.  being forced to just be is the best feeling.  you don't have a choice but to hang out together and be together and do things together.  so it's easier to let go of all your to-do lists and thoughts that can take up space in your mind.  we're already looking forward to going back.